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26th of February, 2017.

We’re finally here!, after a long time, WeLoveAaliyah.com is finally here, a project that we've been working on for years. Our admin, Esme, had worked in one of the most popular Aaliyah websites during the late 2000’s on the internet, www.aaliyah-haughton.de, which was given to her by Kevin, another fan who originally ruled the site, but due to some complications that web dissapeared, and that’s why WeLoveAaliyah.com is here, this time Esme has stretched hands with another fans for runing this website.

Originally, we started to work on this website back in 2015, but it had to be postponed due to personal issues, by some of the people who run this.

It has finally been in the first weeks of 2017 when we have been ready for starting this, and we’re very proud to say that today we invite you to this Site. From now on, we hope that all of you guys enjoy this as much as we do, because Aaliyah is our passion. We (the fans) were very important to her, and what we want with WeLoveAaliyah.com is to enjoy Aaliyah’s legacy and enjoy what she gave to us, remember her and share our love and admiration for her, because we think it’s what she would like.

The site is already open, but we apologize because it’s not completly ready, we still have a lot of work to do!, lots of content to upload and the photo-gallery. We would have loved that everything was ready for today, but we’re still working on it, and all the stuff is going to be able soon (Gallery, media...etc) so stay tuned!.

I wanna to give also a special thanks to Eric Johnson and Eddie Otchere for the love and support throught these last years.

We love you guys, enjoy this as much as we do!.

- With Aaliyah in our hearts.

All the images using for creating the site are exclusively copyrighted by photographer Eric Johnson©®